Culturally Relevant Teaching-- Cohort 2

Welcome to the first ever Newsela Culturally Responsive Teaching private community.  Here is where you will post reactions to activities we are working on, which will be shared ONLY with other members of the course. 

Our Flipgrid page is linked here

Some guidelines for posting: 

When posting in this course, use the following guidelines to inform your posts:

  • Identify yourself. Begin messages with a salutation and end them with your name.
  • Include a subject line. Give a descriptive phrase in the subject line of the message header that tells the topic of the message (not just "Hi, there!").
  • Avoid sarcasm. People who don't know you may misinterpret its meaning.
  • Respect others' privacy. Do not quote or forward posts made by classmates without the original author's permission.
  • Acknowledge and return messages promptly.
  • Tag teammates your are responding to or whom you want to add to the conversation.

    Adapted from Allyn & Bacon, 2010​.

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