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Have a great idea on how you engage students with Newsela and want to share with other edtech enthusiasts? Share it at a regional or national conference! 

NCEs are eligible to apply for funding if your session is accepted to a conference session. You can learn more about the Educator Scholarships here. 

Recommended Conferences: 

  • ISTE - (applications closed)
  • iNACOL - (applications closed)
  • NCTE - (applications closed) 
  • NCSS - (applications closed) 
  • NSTA - (applications closed) 
  • CUE - (applications closed) 
  • FETC - (Apply until April 30th!) See below
  • TCEA -  (Apply until May 31st Info here >>
  • OETC - (applications closed) - look for 2020 soon! 
  • NCCE - (applications closed) - look for 2020 soon! 
Need inspiration? Check out some of the topics on the Teacher Learning Hub. 

Want to run an idea by someone? Connect with these NCEs who have presented at many regional and national conferences: 
@Kelly Fykes  @Nancy Biddinger @Leticia Citizen @Mia Gittlen @Alexa Corniel @Michael Kryszak @Kenny Mckee @Tyler Overstreet @Sarah Enger


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    Are you interested in conducting a session or workshop at FETC 2020?

    Now is the time to apply!

    Over 10,000 #FETC attendees represent PK-12 educational technology leaders from all 50 states and over 40 countries. Fuel their inspiration for innovative teaching and learning with your expert- and peer-led session topics in technology that reach across the curriculum, grade levels and areas of school management. Join the nation’s largest independent #edtech event as a speaker!

    The most dynamic and creative minds in the learning landscape—administrators, district-level leaders, state and national policy leaders, coaches, media specialists and educators —gather at FETC to take part in this four-day annual exchange of ideas and techniques. Share your educational technology implementations in compelling sessions, workshops and presentations for education professionals, industry leaders and policy practitioners committed to the future of teaching and learning.

    BECOME A SPEAKER @FETC 2020, January 14-17, 2020, in Miami Beach, FL!



    >>NOTE: APRIL 30th is the deadline to apply!


    Questions? Email [email protected]


    FETC is looking for presentations to serve the following professional tracks:

    Future of EdTech Administrator

    Future of EdTech Coach

    Future of EdTech Educator

    Future of EdTech Inclusion and Special Education

    Future of EdTech Information Technology

    Future of EdTech Library Media Specialist


    FETC invites education technology professionals representing all levels, content areas and specialties, as well as industry leaders and technology experts, to submit an application to present online. If selected, you will be scheduled for one of the presentation opportunities at the international conference, January 14-17, 2020.


    Consider presenting at FETC to:

    •           Gain exposure for your work, your school and your district.

    •           Inform administrators and educators looking for collaborative strategies, inventive techniques and technological implementations, products and tools to enhance learning and improve student performance.

    •           Share successful classroom practices, creative teaching and learning solutions, research and products that show emerging promise for PK-12 education and the evolving role of technology.

    •           Become part of a vibrant community that has made FETC conferences “must-attend” education technology events for over 40 years for education administration and leadership.


    By sharing your successful practices that transform learning for all students, you can help inspire and encourage other administrators, educators, information technologists from across the nation to creatively deploy technologies and expand the possibilities of learning through educational technology.


    Click the link below for complete information on submission guidelines and

    access to the online application form:

    ****DON’T DELAY! Deadline for submissions is APRIL 30, 2019****

    Learn more about FETC at

  • Ralph EmmerinkRalph Emmerink Posts: 4Member
    Any chance these scholarships are also available for people outside of the USA, presenting in other parts of the world? 
  • JJ JanikisJJ Janikis Posts: 259Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
    @Ralph Emmerink We've never had any international proposals. Would love to chat more about those opportunities. What do you have in mind?
  • Ralph EmmerinkRalph Emmerink Posts: 4Member
    I'm working in China and have done presentations here in China and in Hong Kong. I always try to mention Newsela, especially when my presentations discuss EdTech, as I feel it is an amazing platform to teach literacy and critical thinking. How do these proposals actually work?  
  • JJ JanikisJJ Janikis Posts: 259Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Ralph Emmerink . Usually these proposals are to more official conferences. The way the scholarships work is that you "pitch" the conference and your session using the form at the top. Then we will review and "green light" to provide funding if your session is accepted to the conference.  
  • Ralph EmmerinkRalph Emmerink Posts: 4Member
    Hi JJ. I'm actually presenting at more official conferences. I recently presented at 21CLHK and at the ACAMIS Tech Ed conference. Next SY, I'll also be presenting at EduTech Asia. Also, would a session at such conference entirely revolve around Newsela? Thanks for your assistance!
  • JJ JanikisJJ Janikis Posts: 259Member, Administrator, Moderator admin
    Cool! Would love to learn more about those conferences. The sessions do not need to be ALL about Newsela but should feature it in a meaningful way. @Ralph Emmerink

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