Week 5 Assignment 2 - CR Lesson Plan

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It might seem like a really open ended assignment, but use at it as a creative opportunity to test out your understanding of what makes teaching culturally responsive. Post your lesson plans here!


  • Students: Grades 1-2 

    Population: China, India and Yemen

    Students proficiency in English range from intermediate level to advanced.

    Strategies: Student centered activities, incorporate non biased texts- less invisible.

     Empowering students by using discourse in class to incorporate their experiences- prior knowledge.

    NJCCCS: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 – WIDA The Language of Language Arts; The Language of Science; The Language of S.S.; The Language of Math

    Big Idea: Environment (Rainforest)

    Essential Question(s):
    How can we have a positive impact on our environment? What is the rainforest and why do we need to appreciate the value of this worldwide resource? How does nature and man coexist?

    Enduring Understanding:
    Social awareness and responsibility
    We can all do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to save the environment and our earth for future generations  Stimulate interest in the sciences

    Knowledge and skills:
    The student will:
    Identify the animals of the rainforest  Identify the plants of the rainforest
    Identify the people of the rainforest  Identify layers of the rainforest
    Sustainable harvest
    Research on the internet
    Read for comprehension
    Build vocabulary
    Read and discuss books
    Listen attentively
    Answer simple questions
    Follow simple directions
    Match oral words to printed words
    Write brief descriptions

    Performance Task for the End of this Unit:
    Compose a scrapbook on the things they see in their travels through a rainforest, research, and write facts about animals, plants and the people.
    Compose a poem about the rainforest
    Make a “Save the Rainforest” magnet
    Make a Rain forest in a bottle. Place about 2” of potting soil into a two liter clear plastic pop bottle. Add a variety of seeds. Add about 1⁄4 cup
    Oral Presentation-discuss and set goals for collecting money for “Save an Acre:” program.

    Learning Activities:
    Generate a KKWL Chart utilizing student’s responses to the topic of the rainforest  Preview and Predict, book walks
    Read Aloud: The Great Kapok Tree
    Shared Reading: About the Rainforest (NF), In The Rain Forest (NF & F)
    Write and design pages for scrapbook and what they saw in their travels today.  Research websites- (animals, plants, medicine, people, endangerment)
    Design a rainforest on the wall
    Magic School Bus Video
    Garbage Bag Lunch
    Sell Rainforest treats. (Estimate, calculate cost and profit). Proceeds will go to “Save an Acre” program.
    Teacher observation of participation and performance Completed activities
    Rubric for scrapbook

    Books, Materials:
    The Great Kapok Tree by
    About the Rainforest by Heather Johanasen
    In the Rain Forest (Ricter)
    Websites: www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/rainforest/
    Rainforest animal book and crafts
    teacher resources, Kids Take Action activities, About the Rain Forest-slide show, Jungle Gym-crafts & recipes

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    this is great @Alamelu Sundaram-Walters! Can you say more about why you chose the strategies you did, where and how they appear in the lesson plan, why you chose the learning activities you did, and how it all aligns with what you understand of culturally responsive teaching practice?
    Alamelu, thanks for sharing your lesson plan!  I'm teaching my students to predict the impact of individuals on environmental systems and examine how human lifestyles affect sustainability.  I appreciate your ideas and presentation!
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